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What are your clients saying
about your business?

of Americans accessing the web reading reviews prior
to making a purchase or hiring a service

75% of consumers trust online reviews

golden star Monitor your reviews
golden star Get direct feedback from your clients
golden star Customizable review funnel
golden star Direct your clients where they can leave your business a review
positive review reputation management

Positive Reviews

positive review reputation management Clients are able to leave a review to one of over 30 review sites including:
Google Logo Facebook Logo Yelp Logo LinkedIn Logo
positive review reputation management Review funnel is SEO search result ready
positive review reputation management Review funnel is SEO search result ready Meshkin Medical positive Google search result online reputation management
Innova Gloabl Technology, Inc. leave a review reputation management
positive review reputation management

Negative Reviews

negative review reputation management Low star reviews direct clients to a resolution form
negative review reputation management Get honest feedback without receiving a negative review
negative review reputation management Turn an upset customer to a happy customer
golden star one of five for online reputation management golden star two of five for online reputation management golden star three of five for online reputation management golden star four of five for online reputation management golden star five of five for online reputation management

Show your stars

Display your best reviews on your website

Review Feed Slider

Share with potential clients what your current clients think about your business.

Build trust and authority. All reviews are linked back to the review site on which the review was made on, ensuring legitimacy.

Review Feed Stacked

Review acquisition tools

Automated Email Campaigns

golden star Automated email campaigns asking for reviews customized to each recipient.
golden star Upload CSV, XLSX of email contacts or add recipients manually.
golden star Track opened emails and send email drip campaigns to ask and remind customers to complete a review.

Text Message Campaigns

golden star Get a local U.S. number to your business.
golden star Text message clients to leave a review.
golden star 200 messages per month. Additional messages available at a low cost.

Invite and Opt-In Forms

golden star Allow clients or staff to add recipients for email and text campaigns and upload files about a client.
golden star Customizable forms, password protect, send “Magic” Links (Link with Token)
golden star Have customers sign themselves up on location.


Get weekly or monthly reporting to know how your online reputation is doing.

golden star Monitor your reviews
golden star Total number of new reviews and past reviews
golden star Average rating and growth or decrease in rating
golden star Funnel activity - visits, pre-check ratings, click-throughs, reviews
golden star Positive to Negative Ratio
golden star Sentimend Analysis and Word Clouds Words most used in positive to negative reviews.

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If you are searching for the best reputation management product or services for small business for your local, regional or international goods or services. provide extremely affordable, reputation management services for small local business using state of the art reputation management system. Our team of experts and our system ensures you receive the most effective review and reputation marketing services for your goods and services. Our reputation management services are only available to clients users as we need to ensure that our customers receive the best reputation marketing and management services which this integrated system provides. We guarantee results and your satisfaction. 

Scalable intelligent apps. Your unfair advantage  

Building your business backbone and scalability on secure Google Cloud & G Suite . G Suite is a brand of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google.

Local business presence

We enlist and claim your positions on more than 100+ popular local and national directories and citations so local customers can find you easily.

Customer Reviews & Business reputation

We make it easy to collect and post reviews. Customers rely on online reviews. 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Google My Business ranking & positioning

A Google Business Listing is a Free service by Google and it is what separates you from your competitors listing. Your customers are searching for your services. Make sure they find you. 

Locals .best exclusive guaranteed 1st-page placement  brands you as the best & move only your page to top search top position next to PPCs & or above Yelp, Homeadvisor or other citations


Strategy icons and placement markers for reputation management


Checklist: Where exactly you stand now, your web pages, news, directory, and citation. Analyzing authority, the trust of citation sites ( Google Local, Yelp, Facebook, Slideshare, YouTube, Twitter,...)

Competitive research

Competitive intelligence is most critical if you want to stay relevant in today’s tough market scenario. We help you to understand why some companies in your market are more successful

Content placement

We build a proper claimed and verified your listing and update and, and over 100 other directories & citations and platform with reputation slider and jennet reviews in testimonial pages.

Simply, we embed optimized, build SEO contents to your listings and build backlinks to your website from 100+ authority websites, directories, citations, plus our own exclusive local portal ( and portals. )

Optimized Domain

Onboarding relevant domain of existing .com/, .org/ .net/ .best domains to be branded, get more attention and rank faster

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Implementation social network icons connected via lines for reputation management

Content Development

Brand targeted fully SEOed article creation, hashtag development, Optimized picture and video development for clients who believe their story is worth telling —both in terms of bottom-line economics—and in terms of human impact.

Press Release

Our optimized and fully SEOed PR strategies are designed for intense indexing and penetration to your marketplace. Building relationships with journalists and influences

Solicited & collect genuine reviews

We make it easy to solicit and collect 4 and 5 stars reviews via Plugin in client website with 1) Easy review request - email 2) Easy review request - Mobile text. 3) Website plugin. 4) Review solicitation mobile microsite.

Harvest & publish reviews

We make the positive reviews to be published with three methods 1) your website ( mobile and desktop): Short slider carousel ( embed on 1st page) 2) Long page ( embed under navigation bar called testimonial ) 3) review section 4)Locals best Short slider carousel ( embed on 1st page) 5) Social media posting of 4 and 5 stars in; Our Social Media Our Social Media

Take advantage of google's and marketplace technology

We empower your business with G Suite & Marketplace apps G Suite apps, integrating and automating your Operations ( Voice, data & video) communications, marketing, and sales process with the small business budget. Communications, Alerts, respond generated through CRM and Task management software would help you to have a manageable review and reputation management process.

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Publish & Broadcast

Publish and broadcast people and speech bubbles for reputation management

Respond to customer review

We get you reviews that grow your business. We identify your happy customers and encourage them to write positive reviews for your business. We help you stand out. Attract new customers and grow your business with great reviews and enhanced SEO. Engage with your customers. Enhance your online reputation.

Social media profile & posting

We offer Social Media Reputation Services which is a comprehensive and well-defined social media reputation communications. Our strategy not only prevents any reputation crisis but also takes proactive measures for building a strong social media reputation.

Press release

We aim at good public relations on the Internet. Our techniques for online reputation management include online PR activity through new content creation via online press releases and promotion of existing search engine optimized and branded positive content. Whether you want to maintain a positive image online or are battling negative postings or blogs on the Internet, we’re here to help.

Brand reputation intro linking & anchor texting

Intro link or inbound link (also referred to as a backlink) is a hyperlink on a third-party web page that points to a web page on your site) . We assist you and build your profile and links in portals that you can control such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Google local,, and other rich media. We also use brand anchor texting to build tiered backlinks.

Testing, monitoring, adjusting & reporting

Using Google tools we test your reputation pages to find its Geo penetration. We monitor results, adjust as needed for optimum results and reported to you on monthly basis.

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*Sponsor sites are only those websites that we have a direct or indirect relationship with to update, add and fix business information on. We only fix errors on websites that constitute our partner directory sites. The time to fix errors will vary depending on the partner directory site and the service plan selected by you. All third party marks and logos are the property of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them of