FREE Internet Local Marketing Business Workshop - Generate New Revenue

Join us for a packed 2-hour afternoon workshop on Local Money Making Strategies for 2018.

The Local Marketing has become the no.1 source for local entrepreneurs and businesses, outstripping all other channels such as television, newspapers, directories, referrals, and radio.

It has now become essential for any independent entrepreneur and business owner to understand how to leverage the power of the billions of online customers around the world.

So, how do you generate new revenue for yourself by leveraging online customers for you or your customers in the right way?

The local marketing Money Making Strategies course, delivered by David Khorram (owner & Founder of five local successful companies) or one of his personally trained coaches, will teach you how to adopt the right strategies and start generating revenue with a week by engaging and empowering with local businesses


♛ We will be discussing the following topics:

  • 💡 How locally to create onetime and monthly recurring revenue business model
  • 💡 How to get to the 1st page of local Google search nine (9) times for your main key phase
  • 💡 How to build strong Call to Actions and Mafia offers (hard to resist)
  • 💡How to get Claimed and get Verified online local Special Offer portal
  • 💡 How to build online trust for you and your clients
  • 💡 How to Boost Revenues Get 4 & 5-Star Reviews Via Text Or Email!
  • 💡 How to enlist to over 100+ Citations and directories ( Local and nationwide)
  • 💡 How to Brand as the "best" and get to the 1st page of Local search predictively (1st-page position)
  • 💡 How to get Claimed and get Verified with Google your business and Google local (1st-page position)
  • 💡 How to Generate Traffic
  • 💡 Social Media Automation

♛ Also included:

  • 💡 What are the essential steps you need to take to make money online within a week?
  • 💡 What software and tools you should be using (no cost - FREE)
  • 💡 Case studies of money making systems from David and his students

♛ We'll also cover:

  • 💡 How to start and make money from local business digital marketing
  • 💡 Disruption: Evolve Or Fade, The Choice Is Ours
  • 💡 The Information Age and how it affects the way we do business
  • 💡 How to diversify your business, product or service
  • 💡 The key steps to making money with Local Marketing
  • 💡 How to stay ahead of your competition
  • 💡 The best places to sell from and the systems you need in place to ensure success
  • 💡 The best market research tools (no cost - FREE)
  • 💡 The foundations and fundamentals for a successful internet business

♛ Who Is This Course For?

- Anyone wants to start generating revenue, building strong local networks and wanting to learn more about how to make money.

- Existing local entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to learn how to create a greater online presence, increase profits by adding to the bottom line.

- Start-ups entrepreneurs

- Experts wishing to increase their income